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Now Available Monday's 9-2pm

Community Acupuncture Room

Welcome to our Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a simple, practical way of getting relief from stress, pain, and many common ailments. Experienced effective acupuncture care is something everyone should have access too. Our comfortable community acupuncture room is a place where everyone can come and feel better, without high fees getting in the way. 

How Does The Sliding Scale Work?

Simple: you choose what you pay within the suggested $25-$55 range, Plus an additional $10 initial Record Set up Fee, that’s it.


Your treatment will be the same no matter what you pay. Doing income verification is a massive hassle, instead we trust our patients to pay us what they’re comfortable paying. 

You Treat In A Group Setting? What's That Like?

Our comfy zero gravity inclinable chairs offer comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming environment: theres soft lighting and chill music plays while folks nap in recliners while the needles do their work. The style of acupuncture practiced uses mostly points from Ears (Auricular Acupuncture), Scalp Acupuncture, the knees and elbows down, so you never have to undress beyond rolling up your sleeves and pant legs.

But What If I Have Back or Neck Pain?

A good 80% of our practice is lower back, back, and or neck pain and due to a vast variety of treatment protocols, actual needling of the area of pain is not always needed. Quite simply we don’t have to put a needle right where the pain is to treat it. Acupuncture points are found along channels or meridians that run throughout the body, so we can treat the whole body with points that will mirror the exact area of pain on other parts of the body like on the arms, legs, ears, or even the scalp. 

Does Affordable Mean Less Effective?

Not at all! It has been found that folks get better faster when they’re surrounded by others who share a common sense of purpose: feeling better and getting deep relaxation. That said, group treatments aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’d prefer private room acupuncture with Dr. Carrillo , then discuss setup your tailored individualized treatment with Dr. C at your next appointment time. 

How Often Do I Need To Come In?

For most patients starting out it is recommend treatment twice per week for the first 2-3 weeks. Once things are doing better and staying that way for most of the week, folks come in as they feel like they need it, usually tapering off frequency as things improve. More severe cases sometimes need more frequent treatment in the beginning, just because more frequent treatment generally means longer lasting results.

Does It Hurt?

No, not really. You might feel a slight light pinch, like a mosquito bite, and occasionally a mild achy muscle sensation.  Acupuncture needles are very tiny, about the width of a human hair, so small that you can easily fit over a dozen of them in the head of a needle used to draw blood. 

What Can Acupuncture Help With?

The most common thing we see is pain, but acupuncture can be used for any condition you can seek a Western Medical doctor for. It can be used to treat everything from stress and anxiety to women’s health to stroke recovery and many things in between.

Note: If your condition is something that is believed not having a good outcome with acupuncture or alternative medicine, and adjunctive modalities, Dr. C is always quick to clearly communicate that. Ultimately we want you to get the best care possible, even if that’s not with our center. 

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